How do I secure my wedding date with Luxe Looks?

Once we have received your deposit your date is secure. Weddings are taken on a first come first service basis. If you would like to book a trial ahead of giving a deposit, we are happy to do that. Deposits will be outlined in your contract.

 Can I make changes after paying my deposit?

We can definitely add services if time allows. If another artist is required there will be an assistant fee applied. Unfortunately, we cannot remove services.

 How do I pay my deposit to secure my booking?

            Please send your deposit by email money transfer to, alternatively there is a credit payment option through your contract.

 How do I pay my remaining amount on the wedding day/ trial day?

            This can be cash or email money transfer. If you’d prefer email money transfer, please send this 48 hours in advance of your booking. Cash must be collected before the artist leaves

 How should I have my hair prepped before services?

            Please always have hair 100% dry before your stylist arrives. We do recommend having your hair washed and dried from the day before. If you wash your hair every day you may wash it that morning, but it must be 100% dry for your service.

If you have curly hair having a round brush blow dry to smooth the hair is most ideal. Please make sure to smooth hair as much as possible yourself if you wish to dry it yourself.

If adding a blow dry to your appointment hair must be fresh from the shower, washed and conditioned.

 What products can I put in my hair before my beauty service?

            We suggest minimal product, all products we need for your hair we will bring with us. If your hair is frizzy or curly you may add a small amount of leave in conditioner to be able to make your hair more manageable. Please DO NOT use anything sticky or heavy as this will deter from the finish of your style.

 How far in advance should I book my beauty services?

            We recommend booking your beauty services at least 12 to 18 months in advance.

 Where will my services take place?

             We are a completely mobile company. For wedding days we will come to your location of choice. For Bridal Previews we have client to come our studio in Alysse’s home in Alfred, Ontario. A Bridal Preview at a bride’s home may be accommodated with a travel fee and are not always available.

 How long do beauty services take?

            Typically, we would like to take anywhere 1 hour to 45 minutes for the bride, and 30 to 45 minutes for all attendants. 

 What if my schedule day of changes?

            We understand changes happen! With as much notice as possible we will do our best to accommodate any time changes.

 Should have I have my hair accessories there for my Bridal Preview?

            Of course! Anything you’d like to use on the wedding day, and you have it in your Bridal Preview day we can always add it in to see how you like each placement of it. If you don’t have it yet, that is ok too. We can always add these things in day of.

 What if I need a filler or extensions for my look?

            We do always travel with hair fillers and can add them in if you see fit. 

Extensions are nice to have for down styles but not always needed for updos. During your consultation we can discuss which option is best for you. If you would like to set up a video call before your trial to be able to have extensions for that appointment, we can set that up to better suggest for you.

 Should the bride go first or last for beauty services on the wedding day?

            We always recommend that the bride goes somewhere in the middle. If you would prefer going first or last, we can always accommodate whatever you would like, this is just our preference for the bride.

 Extra Fees

All locations where parking needs to be paid for will be added to your invoice per artist. An additional travel fee will apply on any booking outside of Ottawa the city. We travel up to 2.5 hours outside of Ottawa, anything further will require accommodation plus travel fee for the artist(s).


A fee for clipping in extensions for anyone wanting them in will be applied. If you have more permanent extensions (tape, fusion, etc.) There is no extra charge to style them. Out of Ottawa we do match extension for you to buy as well. 

 Extensions Rental

            We are happy to offer extensions for our brides to rent if needed or requested. A mailer will be supplied to the bride for the extensions to be returned. A hold of the full amount of the extensions will be held until the extensions are returned to Luxe Looks.